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Update on HB 1532

LFS just received word today on the progress of HB 1532. This bill establishes a parent reimbursement for children attending a qualified non public school in the State of ND. Father Miller and Mr. Leier has been actively tracking this bill as it has made it's way through the legislative process. Today the Senate Appropriations Committee voted for a DO PASS recommendation to the full Senate to vote on the bill. It is important to note that this bill does not require any additional regulations or educational burdens on the school. If this were the case, LFS would be opposing the legislation in order to retain as much educational freedom as possible for our families, staff and parish. This bill is a significant step forward in allowing parents to choose their best schooling option and receive a modest tuition reimbursement in the process that will be directed right to the school of their choice. Please take a moment to read the bill, look over the graphic here and then contact Senators in the ND Legislature with a simple ask to follow the full House of Representatives, the Senate Appropriations Committee and the Senate Educational Committee to pass this bill! Please reach out to Mr. Leier @ if you have any further questions. Act fast as this could be voted on as soon as tomorrow (4/07)!

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