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Pray 365

Pray 365 is a prayer campaign wherein Little Flower students and staff pray for particular intentions as requested by people who reserve specific days. See our calendar below and join us in praying for these intentions.  If you are interested in reserving a day, contact Jennie Brossart or fill out the form below the calendar.

Church Windows

LFS Pray 365

Complete this form to reserve days of prayer in our
Pray 365 campaign.  The donation to reserve a day is $25.
Jennie Brossart will confirm your date reservation and make arrangements for collecting payments.  

Intentions are prayed for at the LFS weekly school assembly and also published in the school memo, on the LFS website, and on the Little Flower School Pray 365 Facebook Group. Please select the locations you DO NOT want us to publish this intention.

Thanks for your submission!

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