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Academic Overview

At Little Flower, we strive to achieve our mission by "pursuing academic excellence" in a multitude of ways. Our school has spent a significant amount of time and energy selecting curriculums for our students that are academically challenging, rooted in Christian Morality and flexible to meet students where they are at on their educational path. 

School Wide Direct Instruction Reading Block

The Little Flower Literacy Block is an all encompassing approach to educate students to be effective readers. The entire staff at LFS is aligned to approach reading and language arts in a holistic educational process. Students are screened and placed at their appropriate reading/language arts level, regardless of grade level, in order to receive the support, encouragement, and challenge necessary to develop into an effective reader. This allows our students to move at different educational paces, both slower or faster, meeting their individual educational needs the best way possible. Our goal is to help students build a solid educational base of effective tools to learn how to read, spell, write, speak and listen. By 3rd grade, our expectation is that our students are beginning to transition from learning to read to reading to learn by striving to beat North Dakota grade level standards. It's a lofty goal but this truly is the foundation for educational success and the school is fully committed to this process. If you have additional questions, please contact the school and we would be glad to discuss this process further.

Check out the following Links to learn more about the curriculums we use for our Literacy Program.

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